Link3D Software Simplifies Additive Manufacturing Workflows

Technology from Link3D facilitates each step in the 3D printing process for companies. 


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Link3D announces the launch of its postprocessing management software. This product combines downstream manufacturing workflow software with the company’s additive manufacturing execution systems (AMES). The goal of AMES is to help technicians and application engineers plan upstream 3D printing production and downstream manufacturing processes.

Template work plans can be attached to orders for each part of an assembly, and users that are processing parts for post-production are notified of new work in the queue. Detailed postprocessing information will include responsible parties and descriptions and/or checklists for each step in the development of the part, allowing technicians to trace and track activities from beginning to end.

According to Link3D, the workflow software enables greater data connectivity, logging and traceability across postprocessing planning, task assignment, scheduling and more. Post-process management provides a closed-loop yield management system if parts fail during the post-processing stage. Link3D’s production planning software (PPS) supports manufacturing across internal and external postprocessing vendors.