Link3D Digital Factory Adds Blockchain Technology

The blockchain data trail enables accurate authentification and tracking of 3D printing materials.


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Blockchain technology is now integrated into Link3D’s Digital Factory, providing an added layer of security for additive manufacturing users.

“The blockchain technology alleviates the need for data auditability when the part is printed,” according to Link3D CEO Vishal K. Singh. “Validating the file and machine parameter metadata storage settings, Link3D’s solution implements blockchain for 100 percent printing repeatability.”

Throughout project design and production phases, blockchain technology enables a transparent environment for information disclosure throughout the  workflow. Meanwhile, it effectively hides and encrypts sensitive information concerned parties do not wish to disclose. Blockchain enhances the system’s end-to-end 3D printing workflow automation and provides data protection crucial for large-scale AM adoption. 

Blockchain technology can be used to track the origination of each design file as well as its its evolution. It enables accurate authentification, able to store and provide proof of service bureau capability. It also assists in supply chain and logistics tracking, tracking packages from shipping to reception. Finally, it enables users to store real-time 3D printing machine logs in an immutable way for traceability and for forensics during recalls.

“Blockchain technology has the potential to become the backbone to unify the disjointed 3D printing ecosystem and provide an end-to-end data trail,” Singh says.