Linde Gas Mixture Optimizes Sintering in Desktop System

ADDvance Sinter250 engineered to ensures optimal atmospheric conditions in sintering furnaces.


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Desktop Metal Studio System Printer

Desktop Metal Studio System Printer

Linde’s ADDvance Sinter250 is engineered to deliver optimal atmospheric conditions in sintering furnaces as part of Desktop Metal’s bound metal deposition process. The advanced argon/hydrogen mixture ensures the perfect atmosphere in the sintering furnace as well as the integrity and strength of printed parts. This enables smaller manufacturers to undertake quality prototyping and small-batch production volumes.

Desktop Metal is a U.S.-based manufacturer of 3D printing technologies. The argon/hydrogen mixture was developed for its European customers for use with its Studio System, an office-friendly metal 3D printing system.

In the bound metal deposition process, atmospheric conditions are critical to ensure a high-quality, high-strength part. Without the right atmosphere, the part could oxidise, causing not only discoloration but weakening the part’s integrity. The tailored argon/hydrogen mix of ADDvance Sinter250 is for use on parts made from stainless steel powders, but Linde will also supply a pure argon 5.0 gas for the manufacture of parts made from low alloy steel and tool steel powders.

Linde will also supply customized installation kits to simplify implementation of the Studio System, allowing for faster start times. It can also provide consultancy services to advise on gas supply options and best practices for cylinder storage.

The Desktop Metal Studio System is well-suited for offices and smaller manufacturing environments, enabling greater access to 3D printing capabilities with a relatively smaller footprint.