Kuraray Launches Water-Soluble Mowiflex Material

Rapid 2018: The support material offers cold-water solubility as well as high stiffness. 
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Kuraray is presenting a new PVOH-based biodegradable, water-soluble support material called Mowiflex. The material enables printing complex structures in a one-piece, high-quality printer operation, the company says. 

In contrast to other PVOH-based support materials, Mowiflex is said to combine cold water solubility with high stiffness and low moisture absorption. After printing, the support structures can be easily dissolved in water and conveniently disposed of,  due to the material’s biodegradable nature. Mowiflex enables faster dissolving and better adhesion to various materials including PLA, PA, PVB and TPU, Kuraray says. 


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