Hirtenberger H3000 Finishing Module Applies Hirtisation Process

The automated postprocessing unit removes excess material and improves surface finish of metal 3D-printed parts.
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The H3000 Finishing Module from Hirtenberger is a self-contained plug-and-play machine for the automated application of the Hirsation process for post-treatment of 3D-printed metal parts. The process is suitable for all common metals and alloys used in various additive manufacturing (AM) processes.

Hirsation is based on a combination of electrochemical pulse methods, hydrodynamic flow, and particle-assisted chemical removal and surface treatment with no mechanical processing steps. The process removes adhering powder cake and support structures, dissolve partially sintered metal particles and burrs, and reduce surface roughness. The process affects the outer surface of the component as well as cavities and geometric undercuts. Surface roughness can be reduced below Ra 0.5 microns with the process.

The Module is designed for quick, agile businesses such as on-demand print shops. According to the company, the unit supports small-scale production of different parts measuring large as 300 × 300 × 100 mm. Multiple parts can also be finished in parallel. One H3000 Module is said to be capable of handling the part feed from as many as three AM machines. Process time ranges from 10 minutes to 5 hours, depending on part size and quality requirements.