Genoa 3DP Simulation Software Predicts Defects

The software predicts distortion, damage types and failure locations in additively manufactured polymer and metal parts.


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Genoa 3DP Simulation from AlphaStar is an additive manufacturing (AM) design tool and software suite that simulates the 3D printing process for both polymers and metals to predict deflection, residual stress, damage initiation and crack growth formation in as-built AM parts. Advanced multi-scale progressive failure analysis methods are used to replicate the entire 3D printing process from material characterization to advanced structural analysis to determine voids, delamination, manufacturing anomalies, and other irregularities and inefficiencies. More significantly, the software enables end users to import or generate a structural mesh, run an analysis, identify material and process parameter sensitivities, and optimize the AM build to reduce waste, reduce weight, improve performance and meet specifications.