6/27/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Field-Stretchable Assembly Reduces Operating Costs for EnvisionTec 3D Printers

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The Field-Stretchable Assembly (FSA) will enable users to replace films in EnvisionTec equipment in their own facilities.


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EnvisionTec has added an affordable Field-Stretchable Assembly (FSA) and value pack of high-quality FSA films for use with some models of its 3SP large-frame printers. That includes popular models such as the 3Dent and Ultra that previously shipped with a Pre-Stretched Assembly (PSA). The new value pack of FSA film contains four stretchable and four release films that were custom designed. This consumable product will reduce operating costs and downtime, the company says. 

The FSA allows users to replace stretchable and release films in their own facilities within minutes, rather than ship a PSA to EnvisionTec for replacement, stretching and tuning. This change will save users an estimated 75 percent in ongoing operating costs and reduce downtime, EnvisionTec says. 

Because EnvisionTec’s new stretchable film can be restretched in the FSA, it also offers the potential for extended use with proper care.

A PSA or FSA is a critical component of EnvisionTec’s material tray and contains several layers of film that wear out or haze with repeated use and exposure to resins. Because the material tray is so important for accurate 3D printing, the company had long provided expert replacement of PSAs, to ensure the film was properly situated and tightened in the tray. However, production users of EnvisionTec’s 3SP technology had expressed a desire to manage this replacement directly.

An instructional video is now available online for 3SP users who wish to use an FSA instead of a PSA and replace film directly.