Farsoon FS421M's Rail System Quickly Exchanges Build Plates

Rapid 2018: Farsoon Technologies’ FS421M continuous additive manufacturing system (CAMS) is designed to be an entrant into continuous AM metal production, enabling open material choices and platform configurations.
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Farsoon Technologies’ FS421M continuous additive manufacturing system (CAMS) is designed to be an entrant into continuous AM metal production, enabling freedom of operation, open material choices and open platform configurations including lifetime software and parameter set updates.

The system features a build volume of 16.5" × 16.5" × 16.5" (420 × 420 × 420 mm), multi-laser options, a digital optical scanning system and dynamic beam focusing capability. Its internal rail system quickly exchanges build plates and cylinders, increasing production speed.  

The closed-loop powder handling system controls the handling, cleaning and recycling of parts and materials in an inert environment, enhancing the safe operation of metal alloys. The air filtration system safely processes reactive and non-reactive materials with auto-cleaning capabilities for extended use between filter changes.