ExOne Releases Innovent+ with Increased Powder Handling Capabilities

Rapid 2018: ExOne showcases the Innovent+ as well as expanded dust management options for both it and the original Innovent.
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ExOne showcases the Innovent+ binder jetting 3D printer, as well as expanded dust management options for both this system and the original Innovent. 

Based on its predecessor, the Innovent+ offers increased powder handling capabilities. The system comes with an upgraded recoater design for material flexibility and ease of use. The recoater can be quickly removed for system cleaning or powder change-over, and each recoater comes with four screen configurations which allow for greater material flexibility. Screens can easily be switched in and out to meet the needs of the powder.

Expanded dust collection options will also be on display. Dust collection has been integrated into both the Innovent and Innovent+ systems through the addition of down-draft duct work that pulls powder from around the buildbox. Dust collection options and down-draft tables for depowdering that are designed to fit the systems’ buildboxes are available as well.