EOS North America Launches Integra P 400 Polymer AM Platform

EOS North America has launched its Integra P 400 polymer additive manufacturing platform, that accommodates a variety of materials and applications.


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EOS North America has launched its Integra P 400 polymer additive manufacturing (AM) platform developed as a fast, flexible powder bed AM platform giving organizations the ability to process applications using a variety of materials with high abrasion or chemical resistance, low-temperature performance, high elasticity or transparency.

Built for high productivity, the Integra P 400’s scanning speed results from a combination of technologies such as skywriting, a 120-W CO2 laser and digital galvanometers delivering speeds averaging 12,700 mm per second—a 40 to 50 percent improvement compared to existing platforms. The machine also operates at temperatures up to 300°C, and has a dual-roller recoating system to apply material faster, providing the flexibility to process a multitude of powdered materials, including high-performance TPU, TPE and the new HT-23.

Technical specifications of the new system include a build volume of 420 × 420 × 500 mm, a build rate of 25 mm per hour, a layer thickness capability ranging from 0.10 mm to 0.18 mm per layer, and exchangeable laser window IR Cameras that provide real-time thermal imaging of the process area.

The Integra P 400 is equipped with EOSPrint 2 software, an intuitive, open-data preparation tool that takes design concepts from CAD to print. The software defines the exact path of the laser in the build process and increases the quality of the surface finish, tensile strength and build speed.

Designed to meet demand for serial production-ready 3D printing in the North American market, the simplified architecture of the machine enables one technician with a tool box to service most issues that may arise, according to the company.