7/27/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

EOS Adds Optical Tomography System to Its Monitoring Suite

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Exposure OT provides real-time, camera-based monitoring for metal additive manufacturing.


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EOS is expanding its EOState monitoring suite to include Exposure OT, a system for optical tomography which provides real-time, camera-based monitoring of the additive, metal-based build process. The system maps each part through the build process, layer by layer, regardless of geometry and size.

The solution was developed in collaboration with strategic partner MTU Aero Engines and is designed to reduce costs for downstream, nondestructive examination in technical computer tomography (CT), as potentially defective parts can be rejected earlier. It was primarily developed for series manufacturing purposes.

The system deploys a high-resolution camera to monitor the exposure process. An industrial camera records the complete building platform at high frequency in the near-infrared range during the additive manufacturing process, providing detailed data on the melting behavior of the material across the build space.

The melting behavior of steel, aluminum, titanium and other alloys can be analyzed and monitored in detail using special software. If results deviate from a “normal range,” which can be individually defined by parameters, they are marked. The company says that growing volume of data makes it possible to determine the impact of these indicators on the quality of the manufactured parts with growing precision.

Exposure OT is a self-learning system that becomes increasingly intelligent as it is fed more data. The more users become familiar with the specific parameters of the components, the better they can assess the quality and density of the parts they are manufacturing. The aim is to recognize possible sources of defects during the building process and reject any defective parts.