Digital Metal Software Triples Print Speed

Digital Metal has launched a new software upgrade that triples the printing speed of its DM P2500 printer. This allows for significantly larger production volume per time unit while keeping the high component quality.


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Digital Metal’s DM P2500 metal binder jetting printer offers a 160 mm thick custom-made diabase stone, used to provide stability and ensure no vibrations affect the printing process. Moving parts in the DM P2500 are said to have accuracy down to single microns, aiding serial production.

Reliability, repeatability, and high productivity further aid the DM P2500 with serial production of complex metal components. Fine surface quality and resolution and the fact that no supports are needed when printing keeps waste and time spent on post processing at a minimum.

The printer has now been upgraded with new software that triples its printing speed. Users can produce larger component volumes per time unit while keeping component quality. The new software is standard on all new units and upgrade kits are available for installed printers.