Customized Cleanrooms Meet ISO Requirements

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Hemco’s soft-wall cleanrooms can be equipped with casters, clear or white vinyl curtains, and entry airlocks.


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Hemco offers soft-wall cleanrooms designed to meet ISO 5 through 8 requirements. The cleanrooms feature a flexible design enabling installation over and around equipment. They can also be equipped with casters for mobile use. The cleanrooms are built with a structural framework of aircraft anodized aluminum with vinyl curtains around the unit. The curtains can be strips or solid, depending on access, and are available in clear or opaque white vinyl. Fan-powered HEPA filter and fluorescent lighting modules along with blank ceiling tiles are positioned into a ceiling grid system. The HEPA filter modules have speed controls and can operate on 115- or 220-V power. The cleanrooms can be equipped with entry airlocks as an option. 


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