Collaboration Accelerates Material Development for Plastic Laser Sintering

Farsoon and Tiger collaborated on thermoset powders which are optimized for performance, heat-resistance and flame-retardant properties — all major requirements for enabling innovative, functional applications.


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3D printed parts on Farsoon HT252P platform with Tiger Tigital's 371 thermoset material.

3D printed parts on Farsoon HT252P platform with Tiger Tigital's 371 thermoset material. 

Farsoon, an industrial-grade additive manufacturing (AM) machine supplier, and Tiger, a 3D material solution provider, collaborated to accelerate the development of Tigital 3D-Set 371 for plastic laser sintering on Farsoon’s HT252P open platform. These thermoset powders are said to be optimized for performance, heat-resistance and flame-retardant properties, which are major requirements for enabling innovative, functional applications.

The partnership combined Tiger’s expertise in thermoset material engineering and surface finishing solutions with Farsoon’s open plastic AM platform to offer a material-machine solution for expanding industrial markets. With intensive joint material development on Farsoon’s ST252P systems, the Tigital 3D-Set 371 is designed to enable premium performance for rapid prototyping and series production.

The materials are said to offer end-use functional parts with excellent thermal and mechanical performance, good electronic isolation, superior dimensional stability and chemical resistance, which can enable a variety of industrial applications for the automotive, electronics, transportation and aerospace industries. The low printing temperatures of the material are in line with an environmentally friendly production process. In addition, Tigital 3D-Set PPP 371 is said to be able to produce brilliant, full-colored functional parts with optimal laser sintering quality.

The versatile, open platform on the Farsoon HT252P accelerated the development cycle of this advanced thermoset material. The fast scanning speed of HT252P enables rapid batch production cycle of testing parts within less than six hours. The company says the compact, versatile platform size of 250 × 250 mm is an optimal fit for new material development, offering lower costs and minimal powder waste. Farsoon’s open platform features an advanced “parameter-editor” included in the software package which offers Tiger operational flexibility and capability in developing customized parameter combinations during the development process.

This partnership complements Tiger’s collaboration with Ricoh Products UK (a 3D printed parts manufacturer) on materials, processing and application development to offer end-to-end additive manufacturing services.