Cimquest Exclusive Distributor for Xact Metal’s LPBF 3D Printer

Printer is geared toward enterprise shops and manufacturers.
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XM200C can create metal prototypes.

XM200C 3D prints metal prototypes.

Cimquest is teaming up with Xact Metal to serve as the exclusive distributor for the XM200C, a small, laser powder bed fusion metal (LPBF) 3D printer that is geared toward enterprise shops and manufacturers.

According to Xact Metal, the XM200C is driven by Xact Core, a high-speed precision X-Y gantry system (as opposed to traditional galvanometer ones) that enables light and simple mirrors to move quickly, consistently and perpendicular to the powder bed in order to maintain accuracies down to .002". The machine features a volume of 125 in³ for handling large handheld parts, while Praxair delivers quality metal powders to build highly dense parts. This entry-level printer is designed to offer accuracy and reliability while reducing total cycle time by about 50% without the need for debinding and sintering steps.

The printer is designed for users who want to move away from using plastic prototypes to create usable, weldable, complex components in stainless steels, super alloys, copper and even aluminum and titanium. Metal LPBF technology is well-suited the medical device, aerospace and similar industries that are call for highly complex metal geometries that may be difficult or nearly impossible to machine. The benefits of LPBF printers include weight reduction, component consolidation, efficiency and reducing cost in low volumes of highly specialized parts.