CIDEAS ( Expands its Powder Bed Fusion Offerings with EOS P770 Dual-Laser Machines

Originally titled 'Parts Provider Offers Dual-Laser 3D Printing Service'

Rapid 2019: Cideas now provides EOS P770 series printers which have dual lasers and large build areas.


Cideas (, a full-service additive manufacturing (AM) and 3D printing parts provider, announces the addition of two EOS P770 powder-bed fusion laser sintering machines. The P770 series printers have dual lasers and large 700 × 380 × 580 mm (27.6" × 15" × 22.9") build areas. The EOS P700 series printers are reliable and provide consistent part quality, the company says.

In addition to laser sintering services, Cideas offers SLA, FDM, DLS, jetted photopolymer, urethane casting, part finishing and engineering services.