Carbon Releases Epoxy (EPX) 82 and Elastomeric Polyurethane (EPU) 41


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Carbon’s Epoxy (EPX) 82 is a high-resolution and high-strength engineering material with long-term durability, and its Elastomeric Polyurethane (EPU) 41 is a production-scale elastomeric material offering higher resilience for making durable, elastic lattices.

EPX 82 has a heat-deflection temperature of 125°C and good impact strength, making it useful for applications requiring a balance of strength, toughness and thermal-cycling durability. Example applications include connectors, brackets and housings in the automotive and industrial sectors. Its mechanical properties are comparable to lightly glass-filled thermoplastics and meet the USCAR-2 fluid compatibility standards.

EPU 41 enables the production of elastomeric lattice geometries that can outperform traditional foams. It has higher resilience at room and low temperatures compared to EPU 40, and its tear strength, energy return and elongation facilitate cushioning, impact absorption and comfort. EPU 41 also performs well in functional testing, including fatigue, hydrolysis, UV-stability and plastic deformation tests, the company says.

Customers can use EPU 41 with Carbon’s tunable elastomer lattices and software tools to surpass previous benchmarks of comfort, safety and performance. Carbon’s software tools also eliminate the trial-and-error process of creating lattices, enabling designers and engineers to confirm they can be manufactured, test load requirements and create multiple functional zones within the same part.