Carbon Offers Polymer Resins in Bulk

The company says that the bulk packaging reduces prices by 40 percent for high-volume manufacturers.


Carbon will offer some of its 3D printing polymer resins in bulk packaging, which, according to the company, enables a 40 percent price reduction for high-volume manufacturers. The first material to be offered in bulk packaging will be rigid polyurethane (RPU ) 70. This goal of this approach is to enable companies to 3D print large numbers of parts more economically than other methods, such as injection molding.

The company is also launching a resin dispensing instrument called an MMD, or meter, mix,  dispense unit, which was developed in partnership with Henkel Adhesive Technologies. This accessory to Carbon’s SpeedCell manufacturing system enables bulk dispensing of RPU.

In addition, Carbon has expanded operations into Europe by teaming up with production partners Citim (a member of the Oerlikon Group), Fast Radius and Oechsler in Germany; and Fast Radius and Paragon in the U.K.