BigRep Launches ABS, ASA Advanced Materials

BigRep is expanding its materials portfolio with versatile and impact-resistant ABS and weather- and UV-resistant ASA, aiming to open a new dimension for Large-Format 3D Printing in the automotive and consumer products industries.


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BigRep is expanding its materials portfolio with versatile and impact-resistant ABS and weather- and UV-resistant ASA: cost-efficient and sustainable, engineering-grade filaments, providing digital solutions empowering production. The two BigRep certified, engineering-grade materials have been specially designed for applications in the automotive industry, and for consumer products such as outdoor or sports applications. Both materials are designed for high-performance results using BigRep’s next generation STUDIO G2 and PRO (ACE) 3D printers.

Both versatile and impact-resistant, BigRep's ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) is suited for mobility applications and a variety of end-use consumer appliances. Based on tried and tested FFF materials used in automotive manufacturing, BigRep ABS has been optimized for large-format industrial AM. Offering special mechanical properties, high temperature- and warping-resistance, ABS is the ideal material for printing complex, ready-to-use parts, including end-use, factory tooling and functional prototypes with demanding geometries.

Weather- and UV-resistant, BigRep’s ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) material is a robust, engineering-grade filament with high mechanical resistance, low shrinkage and superior layer adhesion, while also showing a greater heat resistance than even ABS. Said to be an easy to work with material, ASA has postprocessing qualities offering great natural aesthetics that enable a stylish matte finish and will not show age or fade in color with prolonged UV exposure, making it the perfect choice for industrial or automotive end-use parts.

Both ABS and ASA can be chemically affixed to themselves or similar plastics, the company says. ABS is a lightweight (1.08g/cm³) material also suitable for injection molding and extrusion, making it a key element in AM. Last but not least, both ABS/ASA are laid out for easy postprocessing using standard machining techniques; they can be cut with standard shop tools and line-bent with standard heat strips.