BigRep Industrial 3D Printers Enable Industry 4.0 Integration

Rapid 2019: BigRep’s Pro and Edge large-scale 3D printers are said to deliver speed, precision and quality.
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Powered by BigRep’s MXT extrusion technology and Bosch Rexroth’s CNC control systems and drives, the BigRep Pro and Edge large-scale thermoplastic extrusion 3D printers are said to deliver speed, precision and quality with full connectivity to integrate additive manufacturing (AM) with Industry 4.0.

The Pro and Edge printers are each equipped with two modular extrusion heads, which manage and synchronize the extrusion and printing operations. With printing speeds faster than 600 mm/sec. when the Pro uses its 0.6-mm nozzle, the printer is said to be five times faster than comparable FFF 3D printers, the company says. The Edge surpasses that with speeds of 1,000 mm/sec. with the 0.6-mm nozzle. These filament throughput rates are coupled with material deposition control said to enable optimal quality and precision.


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