BeAM Modulo 400 Offers Compact Directed Energy Deposition

Rapid 2018: The five-axis system offers DED capability and peripherals within a compact footprint. 
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The Modulo 400 machine from BeAM offers directed energy deposition (DED) within a compact space. According to the company, traditional DED system require a large amount of floor space to incorporate secondary equipment as well as the machine base outside the envelope. With all required peripherals fully integrated into the machine cabinet, the Modulo 400 can easily fit into a shipping container or traditional box truck, enabling transportation and operation in remote locations such as an offshore oil rig or military conflict zone, the company says. 

The system features a deposition model mounted on the Z axis of a dedicated DED full five-axis machine tool, with traditional CNC controls and ISO G code. The Modulo 400 has a maximum build volume of 650 × 400 × 400 mm. Options include a 2-kW fiber laser, one or two deposition heads, a fully controlled atmosphere system, and a powder distributor with as many as five 1.5-L hoppers.