Authentise 3D Material Tracking Reduces Waste

Digital thread for 3D material can improve processes to reduce waste and total cost while increasing reliability and transparency.


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Authentise, a provider of data-driven workflow tools for additive manufacturing (AM), has updated its material management to simplify the digital tracking of material powders for AM. The feature enables customers to track all actions associated with the material — such as sieving, blending, testing or printing — to enable a full digital thread of the material.

The company says operators can seamlessly update the status using apps on handheld devices while full reports and details, such as a full material genealogy tree, can be viewed in the browser. A tight integration with the Authentise Manufacturing Execution System (AMES) — a workflow management engine using machine data for automation — associates the material traceability report with any part printed on the machine into which it was loaded. This enables a detailed end-to-end digital thread that accounts not only for the full material history but also operator actions, machine data and more.

This Digital Material Management is useful for verifying processes. Combined with AMES, it provides a seamless material tracking tool that delivers a full digital traceability of not only what users have done but everything that has happened to the part. That data can be used improve processes, provide automated reports and develop better machines, materials, processes and designs. The integration gives users the ability to draw together data from machines, operators, testing and now materials to gives users the tools to understand these processes fully and explain them to manufacturing partners.