Adira AddCreator Builds Large Parts with Tiled Laser Melting (TLM)

The additive manufacturing system is intended for the production of large-size metallic parts.

The AddCreator additive manufacturing system from Adira is intended for the production of large-size metallic parts with a build envelope measuring 1,020 × 1,020 × 520 mm. The system integrates Adira’s Tiled Laser Melting (TLM) 3D printing technology, in which a small mobile build chamber travels across the bed of metal powder within the build envelope, enabling large parts to be built in sections. 

The process is powered by a 400-W fiber laser. The laser’s focus diameter ranges from 60 to 600 microns, and maximum scan speed is 9 m/sec. The AddCreator’s maximum build rate ranges from 20 to 40 cm3/hr. Minimum layer thickness is 25 microns. The system is said to achieve geometric toelrances ±100 microns.