Additive Innovation Introduces Partfinder Software for 3D Printing

The company's Partfinder software analyzes 3D CAD data to identify parts suitable for 3D printing. 


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Additive Innovation (AI) offers its Partfinder software for 3D printing. The tool automatically searches large volumes of data to find components suitable for 3D printing. A spin-off of software manufacturing CoreTechnology and distribution partner with HP, Additive Innovation has successfully incorporated additive manufacturing on HP Jet Fusion 3D printers. 

The "Partfinder" software analyzes 3D CAD data geometrically as well as on the basis of the construction history, PMI and metadata. The information obtained is stored in a database. Subsequently, the components are filtered according to the desired search criteria and presented in a clear list with a 3D graphic and all relevant information. Multiprocessor calculation allows extremely large data sets to be examined fully automatically, quickly and easily for the 3D printing potential, the company says.

As an HP distribution partner, ADditive Innovation provides expertise around the additive series production of high-quality plastic parts, as well as its Partfinder analysis as a service. AI also manufactures as an extended workbench using HP Jet Fusion 3D printers and certified materials.