3YourMind Agile MES Supports Additive Manufacturing for Production

Originally titled 'Manufacturing Execution System Supports AM'

Rapid 2019: The company's Agile Manufacturing Execution System (MES) provides production planning for AM workflows.


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3YourMind’s Agile Manufacturing Execution System (MES) was developed to use data to provide transparency and speed to the production floor. Designed specifically for additive manufacturing (AM), the MES integrates with the existing 3YourMind order management system. Agile MES provides digital production planning for AM with smart part prioritization, custom workflows through to postprocessing, and dynamic scheduling.

To ensure quality, the Agile MES also monitors and controls processes with part and sequence tracking, direct machine integrations and a dashboard of the user’s entire production floor. According to the company, the software is able to connect processes and create closed feedback loops that increase part repeatability and ensure quality.


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