3DMonstr Increases Size Offerings with Super-Rex Line

The new line of 3D printers comes in sizes as large as 3 m³.
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3DMonstr announced the initial availability of the Super-Rex family of industrial 3D printers, with build sizes of 3 m³, 2 m³ and 1 m³, considerably larger than the company’s T-Rex 3D printers.

Like the T-Rex line printers, the Super-Rex line has up to four filament extruders with water-cooled hot ends for consistent thermal control, a heated bed with multiple individually-controlled segments, the MonstrControl stand-alone controller and a range of printable materials.

All three models feature active filament feed; filament out detection; WiFi-enabled MonstrControl with Repetier Server Pro and fully automatic bed-leveling; bed distortion compensation; and extruder offset measurement.

To scale to the larger size, the company moved to a fully enclosed, box-style architecture. The printer also features an automatic tool changer (ATC) to manage the multiple extruders without intruding on the build volume. Each extruder is individually measured for X-, Y- and Z-offsets, and all multi-extruder settings are completely automated, the company says.

The printers currently handle PLA (and derivatives), ABS, HIPS, PVA, nylon, PET, NinjaFlex, polycarbonate and paraffin wax filament. The company is planning additional advanced extruders including food grade, low-temperature paste and plastic pellets such as PLA and ABS.