3Degrees Launches Trace to Address Evolving Requirements in Quality Management

3Degrees has announced the development of Trace, a software tool designed to track, warehouse and validate information about 3D-printed parts. The tool is said to be easily customized to fit specific standards for traceability and quality management in an organization as well as throughout a supplier base.


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3Degrees LLC, a 3D printing consultancy, has developed Trace, a software tool designed to track, warehouse and validate key information about each item a user prints. It is said to ensure that companies meet all relevant standards in the design and testing of parts, maintaining records as 3D-printed parts are sent off.

Designed to provide a smart, intuitive system for quality management and documentation of production and technical data for additive manufacturing (AM), this software is said to eliminate the need for companies to build their own systems. According to the developer, users can have a streamlined process with a user-friendly interface that enables traceability through all aspects of the AM workflow. It is also said to maintain all relevant information required for the safe and compliant operation of AM facilities.