3D Systems ProX SLS 6100 Scales to Production

3D Systems’ printing platform provides 3D printing solutions to increase speed and performance across a range of applications.


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3D Systems’s ProX SLS 6100 3D printing platform is designed to produce larger parts with increased durability and finishing. It enables customers to seamlessly scale from functional prototyping to low volume functional production parts. By combining the printer, new materials, software and cloud-based services, this solution addresses the majority of the plastic prototyping and production needs of the automotive, durable goods and healthcare industries and specific needs for aerospace interior cabin parts.

The platform also delivers larger parts than small-frame systems. The company offers a strong portfolio of nylon materials to complement this new selective laser sintering printer, including six materials in Nylon 11 and Nylon 12 such as white, black, aluminum-filled and glass-filled to serve a variety of aerospace, automotive and medical applications for prototyping and production. DuraForm PA has USP Class VI as well as FDA certification for food safety, and DuraForm FR1200 is FAR compliant to meet aerospace regulations on flame retardancy.

The platform incorporates production-grade materials, 3D Sprint software, and 3D Connect capability for cloud-based monitoring services to address prototyping and production needs.