3D Systems Introduces High Speed Fusion 3D Printing System

System said to print three times faster with greater precision than many other standard industrial systems.
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3D Systems’ high-speed fusion (HSF) industrial 3D printer platform and material portfolio was developed in a collaboration with Jabil Inc. This HSF family of products, including the Roadrunner 3D printer, is designed to provide superior economics for throughput industrial fused-filament additive manufacturing (AM).

Through the use of advanced electric motion control, the system operates at speeds and precision levels well beyond current production platforms, the company says. With temperature capability and available build areas greater than many competing systems and combined with an exceptional materials portfolio, the Roadrunner system is designed to address the most demanding aerospace and advanced automotive applications.

The system enables customers to increase productivity and performance by using AM with a hardware, software and materials platform that is designed to handle the rigors and requirements of industrial printing. Existing industrial fused filament printers have often been constrained by high costs of production and low throughput. Jabil and 3D Systems collaborated to create a robust solution that provides unique application solutions as well as compelling manufacturing economics driven by the platform’s size, speed and precision.

Specific applications include direct printing for aerospace interiors and ducting, drone components, automotive under dash and under hood, and other general industrial applications. It is also good for tooling and fixture applications, including manufacturing aids, automation and robotics tooling and lift assist tooling, as well as molds and sacrificial tools. The system is also well suited for prototyping parts for a variety of industries, including automotive, aerospace, medical, heavy equipment and general industry support.

The Roadrunner printer has the capability to process high-performance, high-temperature materials, such as Ultem and PA CF with a broad range of general-purpose filaments such as ABS and PETG ESD. Shipments of the Roadrunner system are expected to begin in 2022.