3D Systems Introduces DMP Flex 100, DMP Dental 100 3D Printers

New metal 3D printers offer improved productivity and quality for small, intricate metal parts including dental implants.
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3D Systems has launched the DMP Flex 100 and DMP Dental 100 3D printers, designed for quality, versatility and throughput for entry-level metal 3D printing and dental applications.

Designed to be used flexibly for R&D, application development and production, the DMP Flex 100 is said to provide as much as twice the throughput compared to 3D Systems’ previous entry-level metal 3D printer, the ProX DMP 100. It produces precision metal parts with complex fine details and thin walls, achieving accuracy, repeatability and surface finish as fine as Ra 5 microns. Its build volume of 100 × 100 × 80 mm (3.94" × 3.94" × 3.15") is intended for small, intricate parts. The DMP Flex 100 is equipped with enough power to process a material spectrum that includes different grades of titanium as well as other alloys.

3DXpert, 3D Systems’ all-in-one software solution for Design for Additive Manufacturing (DFAM), is included with the DMP Flex 100 to ensure a streamlined and repeatable process for high-quality optimized prints.

3D Systems is also addressing the requirements of dental labs with the DMP Dental 100 metal 3D printer. This entry-level solution is designed for a maximum price/performance ratio, producing high-quality, metal dental prostheses in a digital workflow. According to the company, the surface quality possible requires minimal postprocessing, and typical print accuracy of 50 microns ensures a good fit for crown copings, bridges, suprastructures as well as for partial frames. To streamline the digital dentistry workflow, the DMP Dental 100 printer comes with LaserForm CoCr (C) material (ISO 13485, ISO 9001, FDA and CE qualified) and includes a high-performance 3D Systems software solution for managing the manufacture of fixed and removable dental prostheses.

3D Systems believes the resulting accelerated throughput of the DMP Dental 100 will give dental labs a competitive edge for quick turnaround jobs and more flexibility to respond to customer orders.

“3D Systems is demonstrating its commitment to bringing industrial-grade metal additive manufacturing to a wider customer base with the launch of the DMP Flex 100 and DMP Dental 100 metal 3D printers,” says Kevin McAlea, EVP metals and healthcare, 3D Systems. “Both solutions feature levels of throughput, print quality, ease of use and material choice that put them in a class by themselves. We believe these 3D printing solutions will further expand the adoption of metal additive manufacturing by designers and engineers, researchers, manufacturers and dental professionals.”