6/12/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

3D Systems Adds Build Simulation Module to 3DXpert Software

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The software package is now bundled with all 3D Systems direct metal 3D printers.


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3D Systems has announced that it will bundle its 3DXpert software with all of its direct metal printers to streamline precision metal workflows for customers across applications and industries. 3DXpert is also planned to include a new Build Simulation module that enables users to accurately verify and optimize parts, designs and supports to uncover issues before sending parts to print. The new module will help users avoid expensive trial and error iterations typically involved in validating designs, minimize build failures, reduce production time and prevent potential printer damage, the company says.

3DXpert is an all-in-one software solution that the company says saves time and money by eliminating the need for multiple software packages, while also delivering capabilities for print preparation, supports and structure optimization, slicing, and postprocessing.

The software removes the need to convert from a solid model to an STL, avoiding errors while improving data quality and integrity with the ability to natively work with CAD data. It is possible to easily make changes at any stage using history based parametric CAD tools by working in a hybrid (mesh, solid and lattice) modeling environment.

3D Zoning capability enables users to easily assign different print strategies to different areas of a part based on geometry features, and seamlessly merge them into a single scan-path, accelerating print time while maintaining part integrity.

Structure optimization tools help to minimize part weight and material with fast creation and editing of micro lattices. The software enables the generation of optimal scan paths with printing strategies that take into account the design intent and part geometry. Postprocessing operations such as drilling and milling can be programmed in the same software with no need to transfer data to a separate software.

The new Build Simulation functionality helps customers. 3DXpert’s Build Simulation is planned for availability second half of 2017.