3D PrinterWorks Releases Larger-Scale 3D Printer

The HT-5800 is a high-temperature industrial 3D printer with a build volume of 18" × 18" × 18".


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3D PrinterWorks is expanding into larger-scale 3D printing with the release of the HT-5800 3D-printing system, a high-temperature industrial 3D printer with an 18" × 18" × 18" build volume. 

The machine is designed to produce high-precision parts using engineering-grade materials and is suited for the aerospace, defense, and manufacturing segments. The high-temperature printing surface and insulated build chamber maintain a controlled environment for consistency and quality. With dual extruders, users can print complex geometries using breakaway support material. The automated platform correction system calibrates the surface before the start of every print, ensuring consistency and performance. Easy-change build plates enable users to select the correct print surface for maximum part adhesion.