3D Platform's Large-Format 3D Printer Provides Extruder Options

Originally titled 'Large-Format Printer Provides Extruder Options'

Rapid 2019: The WorkCenter 500, 3D Platform’s extra-large format 3D printer, has been designed to provide affordability without sacrificing quality or throughput, the company says.


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3D Platform’s WorkCenter 500 provides an affordable option for large-format fused filament fabrication (FFF). The 3D printer offers a build volume measuring 1,400 × 2,800 × 700 mm.

The printer provides the option of either pellet or filament extruder(s), or both. These high-volume extruders offer throughput rates ranging from 1.3 kg/hr. to more than 7.5 kg/hr. Customers can use a variety of open-market filament/pellets and software that can deliver savings ranging to 90 percent compared to closed-system machines, the company says.