5/2/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

3D Platform WorkbenchPro Increases Throughput

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Rapid 2017: The mobile 3D printer offers a larger build area and other improvements over a previous model.


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3D Platform's recently launched WorkbenchPro 3D printer is a fused filament fabrication (FFF) additive manufacturing system with a 1- × 1- × 0.7-m build area. This model builds on the company's mechatronic system including SIMO series actuators and Constant Force anti-backlash lead screws and nuts for a rugged, industrial framework. SurePrint servo technology delivers good print quality at faster speeds. Closed-loop control provides positional feedback every 1.25 microns, enabling print layer resolutions down to 50 microns. According to 3D Platform, the printer delivers greater performance and accuracy at top speeds as well as faster acceleration and deceleration for faster prints while maintaining quality.

The WorkbenchPro is equipped with an HFA extruder, said to enable speeds twice as fast as the WorkbenchClassic. HFE 300 and 900 high-flow extruders are also available as options, providing print speeds four and 16 times faster than the WorkbenchClassic, respectively. An enhanced filament feed system consisting of Bowden-style tubes coupled with dual filament sensors help avoid filament breaks and tangles.A cooling system on the print head provides optimal material cooling, increasing print speed and part quality.

The borosilicate glass heated bed provides thermal stability for optimal printing and easy clean up, the company says. A touch probe enables automatic mesh bed leveling to 441 points, shortening setup times and increasing productivity. 

The printer is controlled via a touchscreen HMI equipped with a 32-bit chip and optimized firmware. Built-in Wi-Fi access enables operators to log in remotely with a mobile device to sop and restart prints and access detailed print information and statistics. 

The WorkbenchPro is built on an industrial workbench with built-in storage drawers and cabinets, non-slip locatable casters and a folding gantry for mobility.