10/31/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Simpleware Launches Version 2016.09

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The latest software update makes it possible to directly import STL/CAD files as surface objects.


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Simpleware version 2016.09 extends the software’s image-to-model workflow capabilities with improvements across every module, the company says. These include the integration of the +CAD module into the ScanIP user interface and the addition of “Surface” tools for processing CAD/STL data alongside the existing image processing tools. ScanIP also features a redesigned dataset browser.

With the added +CAD module in ScanIP, it is possible to directly import STL/CAD files to become surface objects. New tools also enable extensive processing of surface objects, including Booleans, “Check and fix”, surface scaling/positioning, and grouping/ungrouping options. STL fixing tools for non-manifold or self-intersecting surfaces are now available, as are digital resurfacing options for poor surface triangulation. Feature detection tools for automatically estimating the ideal minimum feature size to preserve are also available. According to the company, these updates provide more accuracy when working with different file types and an easier overall experience when combining CAD and images.

The latest version includes new segmentation tools to interpolate and propagate between slices. Multi-label masks offer an efficient way to work with thousands of individual regions like particles, the company says, and reports and be generated for pores and particles statistics. The +FE module has been updated to handle surfaces and improve performance. Automatic CFD clipping planes enable inlet/outlet generation. According to Simpleware, the software supports faster project file loading and saving.