2/16/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Sculpteo Agile Metal Technology Helps Manage Metal AM

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The online tool assists users in evaluating and adjusting designs of parts for metal additive manufacturing.


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Sculpteo's Agile Metal Technology is an online agent-based system that helps designers and manufacturers analyze and evaluate metal additive manufacturing (AM) projects. The system is said to help avoid the excessive cost, time and complication introduced by multiple iterations of a part design. According to the company, Agile Metal Technology can find and fix problems, automate complex procedures, find "best fit" processes and techniques, and offer predictions and recommendations about how to optimize design elements including lattices, supports and postprocessing workflows.

“Metal 3D printing offers the possibility of building new parts with complex geometries that are not possible with traditional methods, however getting metal additive manufacturing right is a serious challenge,” says Clement Moreau, CEO of Sculpteo. “As the complexity of additive manufacturing grows, it is difficult to get the necessary information to make the project go smoothly. Experts and specific software exist, but they are extremely expensive, and add to production time.”

Sculpteo Agile Metal Technology is comprised of six modules:

Business Case is a self-learning AI that evaluates whether a CAD file is optimized for metal additive manufacturing. The tool takes basic inputs from the user and evaluates whether AM is an appropriate process for producing the part, including possible risks.

Design Optimizer provides a deeper analysis of the design compatibility for metal AM, and assess the best way to handle thermic constraints. The tool detects features posing issues, suggests design modifications and evaluates the best printing orientation for the part.

Lattice Generator helps meet cost and weight reduction goals by recommending a structural configuration. The user retains the option to choose a preferred lattice cell design.

Support Optimizer displays the supports necessary to meet the requirements of the part in terms of tolerance and yield assessment. Users can add inputs and restrictions based on the support generated by the Agile Metal Technology Platform.

Post-Processor analyzes the postprocessing features and required metrology to meet the project requirements, and evaluates how timeline and budget can be met.

Finally, Batch Controller is a replica of the Sculpteo batch control tool for metal 3D printing technologies.