1/3/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Matsuura Lumex Avance-60 Hybrid Expands Work Envelope

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The hybrid metal 3D printer has an increased build area and higher-powered laser to accommodate larger parts.

Matsuura's Lumex Avance-60 hybrid machine combines laser sintering additive manufacturing with high-speed, high-accuracy milling. The machine builds on the company’s Lumex Avance-25 model, offering an expanded work envelope and increased speed to accommodate larger parts such as components for the aerospace and automotive industries.

The hybrid accommodates workpieces measuring as large as 600 × 600 × 500 and weighing as much as 1,300 kg. A high-powered, 1-kW fiber laser provides faster sintering speeds, while milling path optimization helps to reduce milling time.

X-, Y- and Z-axis travels measure 610 × 610 ×100 mm. Rapid traverse rates are 60,000 mm/min.  in the X and Y axes, and 30,000 mm/min. in the Z axis. The 1/10-taper milling spindle provides 450 to 45,000 rpm and maximum torque of 1.31 Nm. The machine’s automatic toolchanger accommodates as many as 20 tools ranging to 10 mm in diameter.

The Lumex Avance-60 is compatible with maraging steel, TI6A4V titanium, 630 and 316L stainless steels, cobalt chrome superalloy, nickel 718 and AlSi10Mg. An automatic powder recovery (APR) system enables full automation from the powder supply through recovery. The APR system filters and collects unused powder, and then automatically delivers it back to the machine for reuse.

The Hybrid is equipped with Matsuura’s I-Tech Avance control.