12/22/2016 | 1 MINUTE READ

Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite Adds Inspector Tool

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A new tool within the suite enables users to identify issues, monitor building and perform postprocessing analysis.


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The Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite features new end-user-led products and software releases, including includes Inspector, a new tool designed to help users harness the benefits for 3D printing without having to sacrifice quality control and part standardization, the company says.

“Control and consistency are concepts firmly entrenched in, and vital to, traditional manufacturing but not widely associated with additive manufacturing,” explained Tim Van den Bogaert, Materialise director new businesses. “Unlike subtractive processes were materials are manipulated without changing their intrinsic properties, AM involves achieving precision powder and energy ratios—ratios that dictate how the material and final part will perform. Without the ability to predict, inspect and understand that process, AM will never make the step beyond prototyping, towards mainstream manufacturing.”  

“This has been the driving force behind our development of Materialise Inspector, a control tool that enables users to analyze data from all stages of the production process, from 3D geometry and tool path to finished part, in order to improve and guarantee its quality,” Van den Bogaert adds.

Materialse Inspector provides ways to identify potential issues in the build strategy using energy density mapping to simulate the process. It can monitor the build process with feedback data and automated layer imaging that enables user to see inside the part and verify solidification, for example, or enable rapid process shutdown to avoid waste. The tool can also perform postprocessing and root cause analysis, removing the need for reliance on trial and error re-testing.

The Materialise Magics 3D Print Suite also includes 3-matic11 and Magics21, enhanced versions of the developer’s design optimization and data preparation software packages, respectively. 3-matic11 and Magics21 focus on simplifying design and data preparation processes, and supporting flexible adoption in real world settings. In both cases, the company says usability is enhanced, with reduced click counts for key actions and automated calculation processes.

In addition, Magics 21 features improved defect fixing and previous state saving for faster undo/redo, plus new guidance tools such as an orientation optimizer and comparator. A slice distribution graph helps optimize part configuration, reducing print time and improving quality control. Part re-scaling is automated, and a feature that calculates optimal part rotation minimizes bounding box size to improve efficiency and simplify quoting.