3/21/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Granta MI: Additive Manufacturing Software Package Eases Data Management

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Tools for collecting and analyzing materials, parameters and more are included in the package.


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Granta Design has enhanced its Granta MI: Additive Manufacturing software package, a collection of tools built on the Granta MI materials information management system. The software package includes a data structure or schema, and information management capabilities that enable users to capture the full picture and manage data related to powders, builds, parameters, parts and tests. The system enables consolidating data, browsing it through a web interface and sharing it across an organization with controlled access.  

The new Granta MI:Mat Analyzer enables advanced plotting and graphical analysis of additive manufacturing information stored in Granta MI. Users can leverage the app to create multi-dimensional plots and relationship charts, and visualize and understand relationships between material properties and additive manufacturing process parameters. This insight can be used to modify process parameters for optimal results, the company says

The MI:Additive Manufacturing package can integrate with a range of AM machines, including those from EOS, Arcam and Renishaw. Granta also provides access to the Senvol Database reference resource for searching and comparing materials based on properties, type or compatible machines.

Granta says it is actively participating in developing industry standards in AM, ensuring that the Granta schema is up to date and ready to manage and report data according to standards (e.g., ASTM F42) for future qualification or certification. The system can be configured to generate automated qualification reports.