EnvisionTec Micro Plus 3D Printers Integrate Wi-Fi Capability

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The 3D printers can function as stand-alone systems, without direct connection to a PC.

EnvisionTec’s Micro Plus line of 3D printers includes two variations, the Micro Plus Hi-Res and the Micro Plus Advantage. The updated desktop solution features a new body style, a touchscreen and an integrated embedded PC with Wi-Fi capability. Because the MicroPlus does not need to be connected directly to a PC, it can function as a more stable stand-alone system, the company says. Using the touchscreen, files for printing can be transferred from any network computer directly to the Micro Plus via Wi-Fi.

The Micro Plus Hi-Res provides a build envelope of 45 × 28 × 100 mm with 30-micron resolution in the X and Y axes, while the Micro Plus Advantage provides a 60 × 45 × 100-mm build envelope with 60-micron resolution in the X and Y axes. Both models feature a dynamic Z resolution that varies between 25 and 75 microns, depending on material. The Micro Plus 3D printers are said to produce functional parts quickly and with good surface quality. Materials available for the line include solutions for a wide range of applications, including jewelry, toy, medical, industrial design and engineering and more.