Arcam Announces CoCr Process

The company’s electron beam melting technology can now be used with cobalt-chrome.


Arcam has announced a cobalt-chrome (CoCr) process now available on its Q10plus electron beam melting (EBM) additive manufacturing system. According to the company, the CoCr process provides parts with high resolution, production-level productivity and good material properties.

CoCr is a key material for the orthopedic industry and is also commonly used in aerospace applications. For orthopedic applications, the process is supported by an animal study by Gothenburg University, showing bone interaction with CoCr.

The Q10plus is Arcam’s latust iteration of tis EBM technology. The system features Arcam xQam, an X-ray-based detection system for automatic calibration and improved beam control, as well as MultiBeam, the company’s technology for parallel melting. A new software platform called EBM Control 5.0 enables more efficient and accurate beam control as well as new melt strategies, improving build speed and precision.