Union Tech Opens Demonstration Center in Chicago Area

The new center showcases the company's stereolithography 3D printers and applications.


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Union Tech, a manufacturer of stereolithography (SL) 3D printers, has opened a demonstration center in the Chicago area.

Jim Reitz, General Manager of Union Tech, states “the center’s purpose is to provide a convenient venue for a first-hand, close-up examination and hands-on evaluation of the UnionTech ‘fresh dimensions’ approach to stereolithography: open-sourced materials and software options, and robust ‘keep it simple and solid’ engineering that provides cost-effectiveness with excellent part aesthetics.”

The center will showcase available UnionTech equipment; perform benchmark part builds for potential customer evaluation; house examples of applications ranging from investment casting  to metal-clad composites; provide warehouse and logistics support for customer shipments; and accommodate final assembly and manage quality control of the equipment.

The equipment currently available for demonstration at the new center includes UnionTech’s Pilot 250 and Pilot 450 commerical 3D printers and its RSPRO 600 and RSPRO 800 industrial models.