Three Autodesk Users Receive Manufacturing Leadership Awards for 3D Printing Applications

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The awards are distributed by Frost & Sullivan to organizations and individuals "shaping the future of global manufacturing."


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Autodesk has announced that three of its customers—Airbus, Asius and Under Armor—are recipients of the Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Award, all for applications involving the use of 3D printing. The Manufacturing Leadership Awards recognize manufacturers across a number of categories for their contributions to “shaping the future of global manufacturing.”

These three companies have embraced advanced manufacturing technologies such as generative design, cloud-based tools and 3D printing to develop and fabricate products. The awardees were recognized in three different categories:

Sustainability Leadership: Airbus used generative design via Autodesk Within to develop an airplane partition that weighs 45 percent less than its traditional predecessor, thereby reducing fuel consumption and carbon emissions. 

Engineering and Production Technology Leadership: Under Armour created an athletic training shoe designed for stability and flexibility, using Autodesk generative design tools and 3D printing.

Smart Product Leadership: Asius Technologies developed a patented audio technology that allows musicians to listen to high-fidelity sound without damaging their hearing. Asius used Autodesk Inventor and Fusion 360 to prototype and customize its designs for musicians including Stevie Wonder and the band KISS.

Learn more about the Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Awards here.