Techniplas Opens Additive Manufacturing Center

The facility brings together generative design, lightweighting technology and 3D printing to deliver lighter, stronger parts and cognitive assemblies.


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Techniplas announced the opening of its Additive Manufacturing Center in Ventura, California. Operated by Techniplas Digital, the company's digital-innovation and transformation unit, the facility brings together generative design and lightweighting technology with 3D printing capabilities. The Additive Manufacturing Center will deliver lighter and stronger parts, as well as cognitive assemblies, for Techniplas’ global automotive clients.

The facility is equipped with a dozen 3D printers providing processes including DMLS, FDM and SLA, to support the company's digital transformation. Techniplas Digital plans to bring 20 more printers on line before the end of this year to use additive metal techniques to deploy hybrid tooling using 3D-printed materials.

In addition to speeding up Techniplas' innovation cycles, the Additive Manufacturing Center is collaborating with early-stage companies to develop algorithms that are designed to enhance the company’s overall digital thread and manufacturing capabilities. This includes a new cloud-based generative design platform that compiles lightweight and metamaterial lattice structures automatically based on factors including size, weight, strength, style, materials and cost.