Stratasys Direct, Xometry Partner to Deliver 3D Printed Parts on Demand

Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is providing several new high-performance nylon material options to customers of Xometry’s global custom manufacturing marketplace.
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Stratasys Direct Manufacturing is now providing several new high-performance nylon material options for selective laser sintering (SLS) to customers of Xometry’s global custom manufacturing marketplace. Xometry’s customer base of startups to Fortune 100 companies is now able to tap Stratasys Direct’s deep expertise and substantial manufacturing capacity in SLS 3D printing.

SLS is a powder bed 3D printing technology in which a laser melts polymer powder into a solid structure. It is among the most popular 3D printing technologies used at Stratasys Direct, given its applicability for prototyping, tooling and certain limited run production applications.

Four Stratasys Direct nylon materials are available through Xometry, including Nylon 11 EX — a tough, white, impact-resistant nylon popular in complex ductwork, thin-walled components, and snap-fit designs; Nylon 11 HST — a nylon material with mineral fiber for temperature resistance and stiffness, well suited for structural components, enclosures and load-bearing applications at elevated temperatures; Nylon 12 AF — an aluminum-filled composite nylon providing strong, stiff parts with a metallic appearance, applicable for functional components, jigs and fixtures, and metallic prototypes; and Nylon 12 CF — a carbon fiber-filled nylon material that is resistant to high temperatures and wear, with high strength and stiffness, applicable for underhood components in vehicles and wind tunnel display models.

Stratasys provides rapid prototyping and production parts using a broad set of additive and conventional technologies. Its team of 3D printing, design and engineering experts provide high-requirement, serialized production components for industries such as aerospace and energy. Stratasys Direct has produced more than 20 million parts and completed more than 300,000 projects to date.

“We have built up the technical expertise and quality processes needed for the most demanding requirements in the world, which is why the world’s leading energy, aerospace and automotive companies trust us,” says Rich Garrity, Stratasys Americas president. “Joining Xometry’s marketplace will make high-performance nylon SLS parts more accessible to a broader community of manufacturers worldwide.”