Stratasys Announces Layered Powder Metallurgy (LPM) for Metal Parts

Layered powder metallurgy (LPM) technology from Stratasys is aimed at delivering production-grade metal parts for low-to-mid volumes.


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Stratasys has released details of its platform being developed and designed for short-run metal applications. The additive platform is based on Stratasys’ layered powder metallurgy (LPM) technology, designed to make production of metal parts quicker. The technology is designed to improved efficiency using standard powder metallurgy alloys, mechanical properties with high accuracy and controlled shrinkage, as well as extremely fast throughput.

Stratasys’ platform incorporates the company’s jetting technology and powder metallurgy, starting with offering aluminium powders. The LPM solution includes a three-step, additive manufacturing process combining traditional powder metallurgy with Stratasys’ PolyJet ink-jet technology. The process includes printing of boundaries with thermal ink, powder dispensing and spreading, then compaction of the powder layer to achieve high-density and controllable shrinkage.

The system is intended to address the needs of customers who require production of pilot-series parts, small-batch manufacturing during product ramp-up and end-of-life, as well as customized, lightweight, complex parts. The offering is ideal for such markets as automotive, aerospace and defense.