Stratasys 3D Printer Pushes New Product Designs



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Stratasys Ltd. has launched the new J55 3D printer, aimed at professional designers and engineers. The company says that set-up is easy, and remote monitoring means print jobs can be managed from home. Built as a smaller but still a complement to the Stratasys J8 series for enterprise shops, the J55 supports the full design process with same day send-to-print and minimal post-processing.

The J55 3D Printer features a maximum build volume size of 1,340 cubic inches and takes up a mere 4.6 sq. ft. of floor space. The five-material capacity (plus support material) means operators can load their most frequently used resins and avoid downtime associated with material changeovers.

In operation, the Stratasys J55 features a patented rotating build platform with a fixed print head. This is designed to maximize reliability and simplify maintenance. The technology also means greater output from a small footprint while also eliminating most sound. It also feature the Stratasys ProAero filtration technology for odor-free operation.

Supported by GrabCAD Print software, the J55 enables a smooth import of common CAD files and the latest 3MF file format. Stratasys is also adding support for 3MF color workflow with KeyShot 3D rendering software from Luxion Inc., a capability now in beta and planned for late 2020. The J55 3D printer gives designers full CMF (color, material, finish) capabilities. It leverages PolyJet materials, including a full range of textures, transparency with VeroClear (VeroUltraClear availability later in 2020), X-Rite-based color profiles and PANTONE Validated color.