11/7/2017 | 1 MINUTE READ

Spatial Corp., ModuleWorks Develop AM Workflow Software Components

The SDKs integrate libraries from both companies into CAD/CAM applications with the goal of accelerating workflow development.


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Spatial Corp, a subsidiary of Dassault Systemes, and ModuleWorks have developed software development kits (SDKs) that offer CAD/CAM vendors workflow solutions for additive and hybrid machining. The goal of this cooperation is fast and flexible integration of libraries from both companies into CAD/CAM applications, accelerating the development of workflow. The CGM Polyhedra SDK from Spatial and ModuleWorks’ additive components extend this cooperation to additive and hybrid machining.

The CGM Polyhedra models provide input data for ModuleWorks’ components, giving vendors the tools to create 3D printing solutions for end users, according to the companies. The partnership enables 3D printing original equipment manufacturers and independent software vendors to create a single application that covers all additive manufacturing software tasks. This integrated solution, which combines 3D InterOp, CGM Polyhedra and ModuleWorks machining engines, is designed to improve user experience efficiency while reducing risk.

With surface recognition and checking and healing capabilities, the CGM Polyhedra SDK is designed to deliver a precise, watertight mesh. This mesh, along with CAD data, can be passed to the ModuleWorks components to create workflows for additive and hybrid machining applications. The ModuleWorks additive software components offer toolpath calculation and simulation, as well as nozzle and material definition, multiple STL capabilities and automatic nesting.