Solar Atmospheres Treats FAA-Certified AM Aviation Parts

The aft gallery supports produced by Norsk Titanium AS will be installed on a Boeing airplane.


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Solar Atmospheres has thermally treated 3D-printed, FAA-certified Ti-6Al-4V structural aircraft components. Produced by Norsk Titanium, the aft galley supports are destined for installation on a Boeing airplane. The vacuum stress relief was compliant with AMS 2801 and other OEM specifications. Solar Atmosphere processed the initial production components for Norsk in March.

Norsk Titanium’s printing of these parts, along with other flight critical components, shows the benefits of additive manufacturing, including lead-time reduction, lower inventory requirements and assurance of future spare parts.

Norsk’s facility in Plattsburgh, New York will produce multiple 3D-printed components for commercial aircraft OEMs. The company is also exploring other applications in the defense sector including aircraft, naval vessels and land-based vehicles.