Sintavia to Present Artificial Pore Project

Rapid 2017: The company will display AM parts showing the effects of HIP.

Sintavia will showcase the results of a project analyzing the effects of hot isostatic pressing (HIP) on additive manufactured parts during Rapid 2017.

HIP applies high pressure and high temperature in tandem, eliminating internal voids in AM components to achieve 100 percent density and improve fatigue resistance. The objective of the project was to determine the effect of a HIP cycle on a 1"-diameter pore in a 2"-diameter cylinder of Inconel 718.

The test parts for the project were initially additive manufactured on an SLM280 twin-laser system from SLM Solutions. One part was left as-built with the powder inside the pore during the HIP cycle. The second was cut in half, emptied of powder, and welded back together before the HIP cycle. 

Both cylinders were HIPed at 2,155°F and 20 Ksi for a 30-min. soak, with a rapid cool. Cross-sections of the cylinders will be on display in Sintavia's booth.